Beautiful Cozy Log House With Floor Plan

Log housePeaceful, natural living in the countryside is very alluring and this beautiful log house is just such an example. Cozy and charming, with 886 sq feet of full scribed logs that have an everlasting quality and appeal.
The proportion of single-family homes constructed from logs has grown steadily in recent years. More and more people want to have log houses. The advantages of log construction include a good and clean indoor air quality. Logs are a breathing material that balance air humidity and bind harmful microbes floating in the air. Because of this, a log home is great choice also for an allergic person.
Log buildings also blend well into an urban area because of modern architecture and new innovations. Here’s an example:Log houseThe beautiful open concept is a stunning display of luxurious coziness.Log house interiorSee the floor plan on the next page:


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