Log Home Repair And Restoration Tips

One of the most common problems we see in log homes that need repair is rotting logs due to water exposure.
One of the most important things that can help prevent water damage to log homes and log cabins is to make sure water is draining away from the walls of your log home and not towards the logs.
Another important thing to consider when evaluating your log home for repair or restoration is staining and sealing. Log homes require regular maintenance in order to keep the logs free of problems for many years.

Maintenance Tips and Checks

1. Wash Logs – Washing the logs will let you see any areas that need to be resealed or re-stained. Using a specialized log cleaner and a pressure washer, this job can be completed quickly and easily. Exposed logs
2. Check Stain – When washing your logs, check if the water is beading. If it is NOT, then it’s time for another coat! If your stain is worn or peeling in only a few places spot touch ups are all you need. Be sure to check the ends of your logs for sealing as well. You’ll also want to watch for checks or cracks in the logs and apply stain to absorption for proper protection. Log stain crackingIf the crack is large, you may need to fill it with caulking instead.

3. Check Caulking – Make sure that your caulking is completely air tight. Remove any caulking that is peeling from the logs and replace as necessary.

If there is a lot of visible cracking, water penetration, signs of rotting, your first measure is to thoroughly sand the affected area and properly restain and seal using the right sealant.
Log home repairIf there is more extensive damage already taking place, the best is to leave the repair and restoration to experts.
– Images courtesy of Ry Hilligoss, who professionally restores log homes and log cabins throughout the US. For expert advice, he can be reached at 218 235 3564.


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